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Did the Founding Fathers Want God on Their Money


Fortunately the time of our founding fathers, last half of the 1700's, was the period before the telephone and a fairly good postal system was in place. Those officials, friends and relatives preserved thousands of letters. It's almost as if we can eavesdrop on their private conversations.
One thing for certain they did not want a system like England where the King or Queen is head of the government's church. The language they included in the Constitution seems clear about their intention.
The Founding Fathers knew well how to write a religion into the Constitution. Several of the Colonies endorsed Christianity in their respective constitutions. Some of the same men who endorsed Christianity in the colony constitutions did not want it in that of their country.
We all know the "God" phrases on our money and in our pledge were not there originally. They were inserted in the 1950's when politics was preoccupied with Communism. Politicians wanted to beat their chests about the difference between "godless" Communism and the U.S. system.
The national halo around tossing God into aspects of government had reached its pinnacle in the 1950's was short lived. In 1960 Madelyn O'hair filed a lawsuit against prayer in public schools. In 1962 she won. It seems to me the Founding Fathers would have been cheering for her.
The Founding Fathers knew religion is a something that takes over peoples' minds and will not let go. They wanted to guard against it taking over our government. Our courts have been like the lion tamers in a cage holding a chair between themselves and the Christian lions.
Founding Fathers would not have wanted any "god" on our money. 

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