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Make Abortions Not Legal, At-Home Abortions Will Rise


When government over regulates or overtaxes the  goods or services go underground. Like during the pre Roe days, having abortions at home will continue. They will safer than in the old days but all abortions would be safer under professional supervision.
Providing supervision is now a little easier because of the cell phone and computer. The internet has, to a large extent, by passed traditional institutions like religion and government.
The drug currently used for at home abortions, misoprostol, is available in pharmacies around the world. It is prescribed for several kinds of health issues. It is the "go to" drug for women around the world where abortions are outlawed or difficult to find.
At least one nonprofit, Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants, is setting up volunteer networks around the world which can be used as a source of help for pregnant young women. Older women are encouraged to buy and keep on hand misoprostol so it can be made available through the volunteer network.
Anti abortion zealots, of course, are trying to disrupt this system of providing medically induced home abortions. There has been an effort to outlaw at-home abortions. When at-home abortions are made a crime it means women of child bearing age are under law enforcement observation and supervision. There have been laws against selling the drug misoprostol.
One thing we know is that the number of abortions is little affected by laws. There were about the same number of abortions before Roe as after. The difference is those who had them or performed them before Roe had to go to greater lengths of get them.
The "heart-beat bills" going through state legislatures now might make abortion more difficult. But,  abortions must and will continue.

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