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Does Life Have "Meaning" Without God


There are endless articles written by Christians about how unhappy atheists must be because their lives have no "ultimate meaning." I put the word "meaning" in quotes because there are various perceptions about it.
This doesn't apply to all Christians but I can comment of what some write. They are certain atheists have no purpose and thus are miserable. What they mean is they themselves are too smart to die. Their personal importance is such they, apparently, will be wearing a name tag for eternity. Atheists, on the other hand, will vanish from existence leaving no clue they ever existed. That Christians will get a name tag in heaven makes their life "meaningful."
Science has given us information that should make these Christians a little less self important. We know eventually the earth itself will not exist. The sun will burn itself out and, poof, no more life on earth including humans. Not only are we who live here unimportant, the earth we live on is not important enough to live on past its shelf life.
This "meaning" of life gets even less meaningful when we remember there are other gods and other religions. I suppose people who worship other gods look at Christians with pity, being confident Christians are worshiping a fake god that someone made up.
The majority of the world's population is not Christian so perhaps in the eyes of Christians this majority finds their lives meaningless. To those who need a large dose of ego Christianity supplies it.

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