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Introducing: The Scoop


As a lifelong foodie and journalist, I’m also on the lookout for that next big scoop.

For more than 30 years (Ugh, where did the time go?) I’ve been covering breaking news, lifestyle stories — including “The Great Indoors” series— and hosting community events. I was also lucky enough to grow Honor Flight from its inception when it started in 2008, a project that remains close to my heart.

When “The Great Indoors” series ended, I stewed. As a fangirl of The Try Guys, I Mom so Hard and all throwback videos. We decided to join the fun and create, “The Scoop with Tracy Briggs", my new web video series. Our vision covers the hottest (and coolest) tastes, trends and people. Our mission is "anything that’s piques our appetite” so our viewers can be in-the-know without getting out of their PJs.

A delicious variety show in biteable chunks, The Scoop will have a nutritious array of product reviews, trend explanations, recipes, cocktail creations, palatable profiles and creative conversations.

Expect to see comparisons of new products, services or trends, so you don't have to spend the time and money to do so. #GuineaPigGirl.(Of course, if they turn out to be awesome - have at it - spend away!)

As a proud patron of local restaurants, I will visit local establishments with passionate foodies to expand all collective culinary culture. (I may just be doing this for the chance to eat at more restaurants. Sorry, kids.)

See a new episode every Thursday at inforum.com.

‘The Scoop’ This Week

Our first episode feature Patrick Kasper, a local choreographer, motivational speaker and Positive Motion guru. Patrick and I visit Dakota Boys and Girls' Ranch Thrift Store to show you how easy it is to find an inexpensive, last minute Halloween costume.

With the help of manager Sandy Thiel, Patrick and I tried on some funny (and punny) costumes.

I particularly enjoyed seeing Patrick in his Gene Simmons costume, but was somewhat disappointed when he declined Sandy's and my offer to put him in full makeup.

Seriously, how are you supposed to "Rock and roll all night and party everyday" if you don't wear eyeliner? I was supposed to be a kissing booth, so collectively we were "Kisses."

*Wah, waaah... cue the groan.

...but we did find affordable and cute costumes. See the full video at Inforum.com.

So Why ‘The Scoop’ on The Skrive?

For me, The Skrive won’t be used for publishing news stories (you can still find those on inforum.com) but for sharing all the dirty little details of gathering the news – those little behind-the-scenes nuggets that don't make the cut but are kind of fun to know anyway. (Maybe I want to do this because I love trivia? #CliffClavinIsMySpiritAnimal.)

After I watch a movie, I find myself going to the film's IMDB site and looking at the trivia section. Aren't we better people for knowing that Betty White almost turned down her role in "The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds because filming would require her to spend ten weeks away from her golden retriever?

On here, I will largely talk about behind the scenes moments, quick listicles and show notes. It’s not quite as scary as watching sausage get made, but close. (We journalists love to talk about how the story is made for you.)

I'd love suggestions about what you'd like me to cover. Just email me at tracy.briggs@forumcomm.com.

See “The Scoop” at Inforum.com on Thursdays. Follow me on The Skrive and add “thescoop” to My Tags on your personalized “My Skrive” page.

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